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“Awake Again is one of those stories where I thought I was reading about myself. I enjoyed this book immensely!”

-JJ, 5 Star Review

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When I got ahold of this book, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Danny gets the chance to live what many of us would do in a heartbeat: relive high school, but do it right this time. But he knows his school will be the scene of one of the most horrific school shootings, so his experience is pressed with urgency to stop it—but like any Cassandra curse, why would anyone believe him?

-K.D., 5 Star Review

The philosophical and moral cleverness of the plot captured my imagination from the start. I saw myself in Danny as he relived the ultimate do-over. The relationships are deep and real, and true to the emotional and graphic sexual immersion that happens with a first high school romance. Wise from the gift of future knowledge, Danny and Jennifer change the trajectory of their lives and in so doing, accomplish what we all wish we could after a great tragedy. To be able to change the course of human history.


Awake Again is a coming-of-age narrative that’s no less angst-ridden for the character having to experience it for the second time. I loved the humor of falling back into a time when seatbelts are no one’s habit, and being able to show up one’s dad at golf. Romance creeps into the book and quickly takes over and steams up the pages; I understood Danny’s difficulty in doing everything right this time, but really wanting to spend every second in heated romps with Jennifer. Still, time is of the essence, and it seems he’s got a job to do.”

-5 Star Amazon Review

Awake Again is one of those stories where I thought I was reading about myself. I enjoyed this book immensely!

– J.J.

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Meet Paul Turelli!

The Author

Paul was born and raised in Colorado. He was in the first graduating class at Columbine High School in 1975. His first novel, Awake Again, is entirely fiction but based on many of those experiences. His Series of Dreams includes Awake Again, Asleep for the First Time, and Dreaming Gaia. These books are fantastic stories of changing historical and personal destiny.

He was a middle school teacher, coach and principal throughout his career. He holds MA’s in History and Education. He is currently retired, teaching part-time at The University of Denver.

He lives with his wife Rachel in the town of Parker.


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